Kitchen Store Keeps a Lid on Pricing of High-Quality Items


For 31 years, Gene Sulprizio has been in the business of buying liquidated and discontinued merchandise from manufacturers, wholesalers and importers and then selling to the public at a slight markup.

Established contacts often call to see if he’s interested in their offerings. “I will not deal with salesmen,” says Sulprizio. “I deal strictly with the sources . . . no middlemen.”

It’s this method of doing business that allows him to keep prices so low. Whenever a call to my office is a request for pots and pans or kitchen equipment, the Half Price Store is one of my referrals. Restaurant supply stores are fine, but they often offer only industrial-size equipment that doesn’t fit into most kitchens.


The Half Price products are generally found in food chains or department stores, but at greatly reduced prices here. On my last visit I purchased a large Hamilton Beach food processor for $37.93 that I had seen “on sale” elsewhere for $53.

Regal tea kettles that a major food chain sells for $18.53 are marked $9.26, and a Mirro saucepan for $3.99 certainly beats the $15.44 price at Ralph’s.

For a kitchen shower, a colorful range set consisting of salt and pepper shakers, tile and spoon holder would be a nice gift for only $9.63. Almost everyone needs a thermos at some point. The Half Price Store has the food and liquid varieties at prices about 40% off retail.

High-quality Yedi heat-resistant cookware comes in many sizes. The large fry pan for $17.63 is $9 less than retail, and the other pieces (of which there are many) reflect similar savings.

“I’m always looking for quality . . . I don’t want junk,” says owner, buyer, clerk and general-everything Sulprizio, who holds to a 25% to 30% markup to the penny, which accounts for the precise pricing.

Kitchenware is not the only inventory here. There are also terrific savings on some toiletries, canned foods, paper products and a variety of other items. Roaming the crowded aisles is fun, not just because of the variety of merchandise and good prices, but because Sulprizio gets an A-plus in housekeeping.

When a store like this is so well organized, it makes the shopping experience pleasant. Parking is a bit of a problem, so I suggest going during the week.

The Half Price Store, 6367 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. (818) 780-6844. Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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