Ex-Boyfriend Convicted of Beating Farrah Fawcett

Producer-director James Orr was convicted Tuesday of a misdemeanor charge in the beating of his ex-girlfriend, actress Farrah Fawcett, during a fight at his mansion near Bel-Air.

Orr, 44, was acquitted of a second misdemeanor charge stemming from an Aug. 28, 1997, fracas. But he was convicted for kicking Fawcett and slamming her head on the pavement of his driveway during a fight on Jan. 28 of this year.

He could face up to a year in jail and a $6,000 fine when he is sentenced Oct. 6.

Fawcett and Orr met in 1994 when he directed her in the movie “Man of the House.” The two made up after the fight and issued a news release calling the incident “two good friends [who] had a small misunderstanding.”

During the trial, Orr’s attorney, Donald Wager, characterized Fawcett as the aggressor in the fight, saying that Orr was trying to restrain her from damaging his home.


Orr is considering an appeal.