Hull Denies Remarks on Hitler, Blacks

From the Associated Press

Bobby Hull strongly denied he told a Moscow newspaper that Adolf Hitler “had some good ideas” and that the U.S. black population was growing too quickly.

“The statements attributed to me by the Moscow Times and now republished by other media outlets are false and defamatory,” the retired NHL star said Wednesday in a statement.

“I will use all legal means against those responsible for these outrageous lies and distortions of the truth.”


The English-language newspaper on Tuesday also reported that Hull assailed the Canadian government for being too socialist and quick to give money to lazy people, and quoted him as saying that selective genetic breeding to produce better humans could be a good idea. “Hitler for example, had some good ideas,” Hull was quoted as saying. “He just went a little bit too far.” Hull, who had been in Russia for the annual Spartak Cup preseason hockey tournament, acknowledged in a news conference Wednesday in Canada that topics such as Hitler and blacks came up in his session with Moscow reporters, but he said they were raised by the journalists, according to the Sudbury (Ontario) Star.

“I am deeply offended by the false statements attributed to me with respect to Adolf Hitler and the black community in the United States,” Hull’s statement said. “To my mind, Adolf Hitler was the most evil and despicable person who ever lived and there is nothing good or positive that can ever be said about such an evil man. . . . I deeply regret any injury or insult that this regrettable situation has caused . . . “

According to the Moscow Times, when Hull was asked if it would be fair to describe him as a racist, he answered: “I don’t give a damn. I’m not running for any political office.”