Drinks Are on Us

Whether you’re bar-hopping with friends or looking for a romantic cocktail for two, Calendar Live! matches the right atmosphere to your mood. In a special clubs and bars feature, Calendar Live! goes out on the town to find top hotel bars, cozy British pubs and do-it-yourself breweries. And if you overdo it, Calendar Live! even offers some quick tips to cure the dreaded hangover. Also be sure to check out Calendar Live!'s complete clubs and bars listings. Automatically search our database for descriptions of bars in your area and get the lowdown on the most up-to-date music and dance events in the Southland.

Tournament of Roses

First thing on your list of New Year’s resolutions: Plan in advance for next year’s Tournament of Roses Parade. OK, so you want to see Friday’s parade and didn’t prepare? Calendar Live! offers some last-minute advice on how not to get lost in the crowd.

Ski SoCal


Southern California offers several convincing reasons to save on your travel budget and stay close to home this winter. Calendar Live! talks to local experts to pick the Southland’s best skiing and snowboarding resorts.

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