Gunman Kills Partner, Wounds 3 in Robbery Try


A would-be robber was shot to death by his alleged partner after the pair shot three other men, according to Los Angeles police.

At least two of the victims were seriously injured in the attack, police said. The assailant is still at large.

Police have not identified any of the men involved in the incident.

Det. Rick Swanston said two men armed with semiautomatic handguns burst into an apartment in the 8000 block of Reseda Boulevard, ordered two residents to lie on the floor and announced they were conducting a robbery.


The men were “just sitting around their living room drinking and celebrating the new year,” Swanston said. Unaware of the intruders, a third resident walked into the living room from an adjoining bedroom, startling the gunmen.

The gunmen opened fire on the unwitting resident, hitting him in the head and the wrist, Swanston said. Another resident was shot in the head and chest and gravely injured.

Paramedics took both men to Northridge Hospital Medical Center. Hospital officials would not comment on their condition.

Another resident suffered a flesh wound to his hand, for which he was treated by paramedics at the scene, police said.

As the attackers fled, the first gunman out the door shot his alleged partner, apparently fearing the man was one of the victims chasing them, Swanston said. The gunman escaped but the other man died at the scene.

Swanston said both attackers were probably gang members, but had no further description of the gunman at large.


The dead gunman had not been identified by coroner’s officials Thursday.

The case was under investigation, police said.