Getting Closer to Truth of ‘X-Files’ Move to L.A.


Twentieth Century Fox Television and the producers of “The X-Files” are quietly looking at whether the Truth Is Out There in Los Angeles.

Studio executives and staffers have been intensely exploring how they can move the home base of the atmospheric Fox series from rainy Vancouver to sunny Los Angeles next season.

Though a definite decision on moving the series won’t be made for several weeks, sources said executives have been looking at sound stages and offices around the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City that might accommodate the production. The buzz among insiders on the lot and from other sources is that an L.A.-based “X-Files” is basically a done deal.


The exploration into the possible move was largely sparked by series star David Duchovny, who has repeatedly said he would like the drama, which has been filming in Vancouver since its premiere in 1993, to relocate to Los Angeles so that he could be closer to his wife, actress Tea Leoni, whose “The Naked Truth” sitcom is produced in L.A.

Series creator and executive producer Chris Carter confirmed Thursday that plans on how to move the series are being seriously looked at. “Everyone is doing homework and research on this,” he said. “It’s not something that you would want to do at the last minute.”

However, Carter stressed, “There has been no formal decision on what we will do. That won’t happen until probably around the end of February.”

But he added that the wishes of Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson would weigh heavily on the decision. “If David and Gillian want to be down here, their wishes are part of the equation for keeping the show good and successful. They are the ones we’re listening to. They’ve been filming abroad for five years, and they’ve given up their home lives for this show.”

A spokeswoman for Duchovny declined comment. But the actor proclaimed last year that he would not continue with the show if it did not move. “Either they’ll move the show to L.A., or I won’t be on the show anymore,” he told one interviewer.

The drama features Duchovny and Anderson as FBI agents tracking down UFOs, vampires and other unexplained phenomena. A film based on the show is due this summer.


Duchovny’s statements have caused some anxiety among the Canadian crew working on the show this season, Carter said. Fans of “The X-Files” have speculated that the mood and feel of the drama would change dramatically if the show moved from rainy, lush Vancouver to sunny, dry Los Angeles.