** 1/2 TIM HAGANS & MARCUS PRINTUP, “Hubsongs,” Blue Note


Putting two talented young trumpeters together in an album concept similar to the mid-’80s collaboration between Woody Shaw and Freddie Hubbard sounds like a pretty good idea, at least in concept. Devoting the program to an all-Hubbard lineup of music, and bringing the veteran trumpeter in to produce, however, places a somewhat different slant on the proceedings.

Printup and Hagans have styles different enough--the former a crisp, mainstream-oriented melodist, the latter a focused, big-band player with an edgy slant--to make for some compatible musical interaction. But Hubbard’s tunes, with the exception of a few attractive lines such as “Up Jumped Spring,” aren’t quite substantial enough to sustain an entire album. Still, amid the not especially well-focused program of 10 numbers, there is some solid soloing from Printup, Hagans, saxophonists Vincent Herring and Javon Jackson and pianist Benny Green.


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