Police Chief Will Not Seek Sheriff’s Post

Police Chief David L. Snowden will not run for Orange County sheriff, saying he wants to finish his career in Costa Mesa and spend time with his family.

Encouraged to run by many of his peers, Snowden, 54, was considered a likely candidate.

“I really love the job I have now, which exceeds my ambition to be sheriff,” Snowden said in an interview Friday. “I’ve had a lot of support, but I’ve also had a lot of people at my agency say they didn’t want me to run and they wanted me to stay there. Costa Mesa P.D. is one of the finest organizations I’ve ever been associated with, and I mean that.”

The decision leaves Santa Ana Police Chief Paul M. Walters and County Marshal Michael S. Carona in the race.


Snowden was hired as police chief 11 years ago.