Snowed In and Loving It

Kindergarten teachers at Edison Elementary School in Torrance had their students wear mittens, parkas and hats to school Friday to keep them warm while playing in the snowy winter wonderland that was created on the playground.

More than 90 kindergarten pupils were rotated through four stations, where they spent 15 minutes participating in various activities using 70 45-pound bags of snow that school officials ordered from a local ice company.

At one station, students tossed snowballs at painted snowman pictures that were tied to a fence; at another they made snowmen.

In another area, students played freely in the white pile on a tarp and at the final station they made snow cones.


Bringing the field trip to the children--instead of taking them on one--was hailed as such a success that teachers say they plan to have a snow day for the rest of the students at the school.

“The kids were so excited about this and it’s just out to the fence and back,” said Linda Eisenbart, a kindergarten teacher.

“Maybe we will make this an annual field trip.”