Takasugi Goes Home After Hospital Stay

Assemblyman Nao Takasugi was released from a Sacramento hospital Tuesday, a week after suffering a heart attack during his morning walk.

Takasugi, a Republican who represents the area from Thousand Oaks to Oxnard, returned to his Sacramento apartment after undergoing eight days of testing and treatment at Sutter Memorial Hospital.

He was buoyed by the get-well gifts and messages he received after the heart attack, his aides said.

“We’re very happy,” said Julia King, Takasugi’s chief of staff. “His biggest problem was getting all the flowers home from the hospital.”


The 76-year-old former Oxnard mayor apparently fainted during one of his brisk walks June 22 after suffering a blocked artery. A passerby noticed a fallen man in a running suit and called an ambulance, but authorities were initially unable to determine his identity because Takasugi was not carrying identification.

King said Takasugi has not decided when he will return to work. The legislator, who is finishing the last months of his term, cannot seek reelection due to term limits.