Smart Aleck

The question June 28: San Francisco and Oakland are bickering over the design for the Bay Bridge, which is to be replaced because of earthquake damage. Which Los Angeles landmarks would you like to redesign?

Dodger Stadium should be changed into an airport so it can be easier to trade star players for more mediocre talent.

Leonard Stansfield

Santa Monica


The Hollywood sign should be painted in a brighter color to make it easier to see through all the smog and bad movie scripts.

E. Landayan

West Covina

I would like to redesign the Getty Center and the MTA headquarters, two monuments to wretched excess, by simply not building either one.


Noel Park

San Pedro

We should save the Van de Kamp bakery building on Fletcher and San Fernando. But because it is “on the wrong side of the tracks” and L.A. is unlike San Francisco or Oakland (where they care about their historic buildings), it will just rot away and continue to be an eyesore--until it comes back as a strip mall in another life.

Bob Canning



Not yet an L.A. landmark, the Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard subway station should be gutted. It looks like it was designed by a kindergarten class.

Marc Kessler

Los Angeles