Landscaping, Street Light Assessments Set

Annual assessments to pay for street lights and landscaping maintenance were recently approved by the Placentia City Council.

The assessment for the street light district is $28.29 a year for single-family homeowners; commercial and industrial property owners will pay $169.73 an acre.

The assessment pays for the electric bill and maintenance of 740 street lights citywide. An estimated $88,932 will be recouped through assessments.

The Landscape Maintenance District provides for the care of trees, shrubs, grass and plants in parkways, medians and entryways into newer neighborhoods.


Single-family homeowners will pay $154.34 a year and condominium owners $108.04. For commercial and industrial parcels, the annual assessment fee is $1,543.45 an acre.

About $175,000 is expected to be generated from the landscape assessment.