Gary Coleman Sought in Alleged Attack

Actor Gary Coleman of television series “Diff’rent Strokes” fame allegedly punched a woman seeking his autograph in Hawthorne on Thursday, witnesses told police.

Police sought the former child star to question him about the incident, Lt. James McInerny told reporters.

According to McInerny, witnesses said Coleman was approached by the woman at a uniform store. The actor gave her an autograph, but when she asked him to write something to her son, he refused.

“She made a comment about his acting ability, and he punched her right in the eye,” McInerny said. “She was hit several times before a bystander, who happened to be an off-duty L.A. Airport police officer, broke up the fight.”


Detectives were trying to contact Coleman on Thursday. McInerny said he would request an arrest warrant if the actor does not cooperate.

Coleman, 30, who became famous for his cherubic charm in the 1970s top-rated sitcom, has seen his career wane since the end of the show.