Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What kind of nuts don't have shells? Doughnuts. (Albert Eberts, 5, Los Angeles, Mayberry Street School)

* Why did the man sit in front of the TV with a washcloth? He was going to watch a soap opera. (Gina Murry, 12, North Hills, Holmes Middle School)

* Why did the jelly roll? It saw the apple turn over. (Tommy Warton, 9, San Pedro, South Shores Elementary)

* Why did the little girl take her clock to the vet? Because it had ticks. (Ashley Anne Fritzler, 4, Santa Barbara, San Marcos Preschool)

* What do you get when you cross a Hawaiian dancer and a hoop? A hula hoop. (Shannon O'Quinn, 10, Whitehouse, Texas, H.L. Higgins Intermediate School)

* Do you know how poor I am? I can't even pay attention. (Alyssa Fonseca, 7, Madison, N.J., St. Vincent Martyr School)

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