Galanter Leads Push for Delay in Airport Expansion PR Campaign

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, a staunch foe of airport expansion, found yet another wrench to throw into the works Tuesday when she succeeded in delaying plans for a public relations campaign to aid in the expansion effort.

Acting on an 8-4 vote, with Councilmen Richard Alatorre, Hal Bernson, John Ferraro and Mark Ridley-Thomas dissenting, the council essentially threw out plans for the airport to hire a public relations firm until more information about expansion plans is developed.

Galanter tangled with several colleagues over the issue, even reprimanding Joel Wachs for listening to Deputy Mayor Stephanie Bradfield while she was speaking.

“She [Bradfield] is not a member of this council!” Galanter shouted.


Wachs, who said he was arguing with Bradfield because he supported Galanter, said the expansion effort should involve all parts of the city and that a public relations campaign should not be forced on anyone.

“We are one family, one city and one airport,” Wachs said. “I believe we will get a better product if we work together.”

Under the motion, the airport staff will report back in a month on the expansion plans.