Farewell to a Funny Man

Actor-comedian Phil Hartman was apparently shot to death by his wife, Brynn, in a murder-suicide in Encino on May 28. Here in America Online's LA Forum chat room, members react.

brondeno: He was my favorite comedian on TV. He made me laugh every time I saw him. It's a shame he had to die like this. I can watch the Anal Retentive Chef over and over again and laugh hysterically every time.

amarakk: I will always miss his last notable comic line "OH, YEAH!"

suzzie1: why did this lady do it? and why with her kids there? i say if you really hate the guy, just leave!

julies: I was sitting at home, watching the news, when my dad tells me he's gone. Initially shock overcame me, as first Jennings then Rather repeat the same story. I think he was one of the few actors I really respected. He always had the sense how to touch one's heart, with his impressions, animations and his voice.

amarakk: What will "News Radio" be without him? I have to believe that you are looking down from Heaven, and seeing how much you are already missed. . . . What else was he on?

kiddcreol: "Saturday Night Live." He did voices for "Dennis the Menace," several characters on "The Simpsons" and tons of movies.

blkrialto: I remember him in "Houseguest" and "Coneheads." I think he will be in "Small Soldiers" this summer.

JL Kid: what type of women would do this?

adavis101: It was suspected her not kicking a drug habit and him leaving her for another woman.

blkrialto: I bet they will link this to O.J. Simpson. She was blond.

deni68: She had to have real problems.

ELane40397: The poor kids have to go through life knowing that mom killed dad.

MMr1156: They will always have to live with it, and their lives will be difficult.

BunnyGrls: They will always grow up under the stigma of Murder/suicide parents.

TDNort: Watch the tv movie. LOL.

Cccwest: Some people hid their sadness behind comedy.

MePossum: I wonder if we will ever really know what happened since both people are now dead.

LvCoolBG: Funny that he and Sinatra died a week apart.

blkrialto: This brings us to the topic of gun control. IF WE HAD LESS GUNS IN THE WORLD THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN HARD TO HAVE HAPPENED. DO NOT OWN GUNS!!!

Positiveout: Kids bringing guns to school is even more scary.

davis101: Rialto is right. We need less guns. Great topic to face in the gubernatorial race.

Heremeow: If I was in the cast of SNL I'd retire at this point!

blkrialto: The media is snooping more and more. I wouldn't want the success. Your watched like Jim Carrey's character "Truman."

denise780: i was saddened to hear of this latest tragedy. "Saturday Night Live" has filled many late Saturday nights with laughter. May Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Andy Kaufman and Phil Hartman all rest in peace.

--Compiled by AARON DAVIS

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