'My Best Friend's Wedding'

Julia Roberts (pictured with Rpert Everett) at last returns to the kind of smart romantic comedy she's especially good at, playing a young woman who decides she's in love with a great pal only when he announces he's marrying someone else. For nine years Roberts and her ex-boyfriend (Dermot Mulroney) have joked that if they didn't marry by age 28, they'd wed each other. But when Mulroney phones on a Wednesday night to announce that he's marrying someone else in Chicago on Sunday, Roberts flies in, determined to use those four days to get him to change his mind and marry her. The 1997 film's sole voice of reason, is her gay editor, superbly played by Everett, who has all the film's best lines (Showtime Sunday at 7:15 p.m. and Saturday at 8 p.m.).

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