Goin' Buggy


They are landing everywhere. Perched atop the latest cropped haircut. Anchored on spring's brightly colored spaghetti strap. Caught in a net of corsets and camisoles.

The accessory trend of the summer is bugs--in every shape, size, color and texture. And fashionphiles are buzzing.

This insect infestation can only have come from one place: Milan. Dolce & Gabbana's spring collection, more specifically. It is there that butterflies emerged fantasy-like on peach, red and green silk net overlays, draped over corsets and capri pants.

But what began as fashion's butterfly fetish now embraces a whole swarm of arthropods, from dragonflies and ladybugs, to bees and beetles.

Los Angeles jewelry designer Tarina Tarrentino's rhinestone-encrusted bee and butterfly pins are as elegant as any brooch your grandmother might have worn to a garden party. Done in shades of soft lemon, kiwi, blueberry and rose, these bugs breathe new life into a simple jacket or scarf for summer.

Ladybugs, which dot House of L.A.'s barrettes, have been spotted all over town on everything from vinyl totes to men's ties.

L.A. accessory maker Sharon DeVito's pins dazzle in electric pink and blue, their wings flecked with rhinestones and sequins. Swoon's overgrown butterfly barrettes sparkle with a glaze of glitter. And paper-thin moths by Zoe & Sage could fool an entomologist. Whatever species you choose, let it fly!

* Bug accessories, $9-$40, available at Jennifer Kaufman in the Beverly Center and Beverly Hills Beauty Center at 35 N. Beverly Drive.

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