Modotti's Intimate Side

In his review ("A 'Tina' Taken Out of Time and Context," June 8), it seems that Lewis Segal misunderstood my intentions: I didn't want to portray the life of Tina Modotti, not even pay a tribute to her revolutionary career, but instead illustrate her intimate side, her life-lasting relationship with Edward Weston. I intentionally chose this aspect, perfectly knowing that I can't explain the complex life of such a great heroine of our times.

I'm honored that Segal mentioned my name in conjunction with Puccini (even if in a negative sense). I perfectly agree with him, Puccini probably could have done a much better job than me, but also (luckily for me) a better job than the majority of contemporary composers.

The review lasts only a day, the music forever.


Santa Monica

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