Cornering the Market

An argument can be made that one small corner of the Farmers Market offers all of the significant earthly pleasures. At least as far as they pertain to brunch.

Present are the divine, better-than-France croissants from Thee's bakery, Sheltam's newsstand with its exquisite selection of printed material both foreign and domestic, a good cappuccino from a really big corporation (Starbucks), and the worth-waiting-for breakfast table service at the renowned outdoor Kokomo restaurant.

Miraculously, these seductive though wholesome treasures are within a few yards of each other. Combine them with some of the best people watching east of the Venice boardwalk (and with far less chance of rollerblade-induced hemorrhaging), plus the fact that the ineffably sublime Bob's Donuts is 100 yards away, and this modest patch of land is quite possibly the epicenter of all that is worth defending in Western civilization.

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