Get Online and Go : The Other Downtown

If your knowledge of downtown Los Angeles is what you see through the glare of your windshield as you zip past it on the freeway, then perhaps you need to slow down. There is more to downtown than shiny skyscrapers and the Music Center.

Calendar Live! takes a walking tour with the Los Angeles Conservancy through historic buildings, bustling neighborhoods, grand old theaters and open-air markets, and discovers a variety of surprisingly fun ways to spend the day.

Boogie Nights

If you don't know about the Muffs, Space Age Playboys or Queeny Blast Pop, then your night life could probably use a jump-start. Each week, Calendar Live! spotlights the clubs and bars that are featuring the best local bands.

Valley High

The great outdoors is your own backyard. From mountain hiking to water adventures, Calendar Live! presents a San Fernando Valley and Ventura recreation guide.

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