Hue Cuisine Stirs Memories

I read the wonderful article about eating in Hue ("A Cuisine of Heaven and Earth" by Mai Pham, June 3). Thank you for sharing (and making my mouth water).

My husband and I traveled to Saigon in May 1996 to adopt our daughter. While there, we ate some of the best food we've ever tasted. We miss Vietnam very much--for many reasons, but especially the delicious food and fantastic hospitality. Thanks for reminding me.


Phoenix, Ariz.

I adored Mai Pham's article on Hue cuisine. I felt like I was there with her.


Durham, N.C.

My wife is from Hue, and I have been there several times and always enjoy eating the local food. Everyone at the post office where I work always checks out what I have for lunch. My wife, Nguyet, was taught to cook by her foster mother, who is also from Hue. In fact, this week we had bun bo Hue and banh beo, just to mention a few dishes she is great at.



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