Hotline Set Up to Field Calls About Coyotes

Residents grappling with coyote attacks on their pets can now call the city's hotline to report problems.

City Manager Fred Maley announced this week the expanded use for the hotline, checked daily by city staff members. The number, (714) 998-0250, is the same as the City Hall comment line set up last year for residents.

In related action, Maley said an experimental food aversion program aimed at keeping coyotes away from neighborhoods and pets could begin next week.

Cal State San Bernardino professor Stuart R. Ellins recently received state approval to conduct his experiment. Members of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals will be assisting Ellins in the experiment, in which animal carcasses will be laced with lithium chloride that makes coyotes sick.

The researcher's theory is that coyotes, after becoming sick from the bait, will hunt for food in their own habitat.

Since last summer, residents have complained about coyote attacks on their dogs and cats, prompting city officials to examine ways to address the problem.

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