Parent of Obese Girl Who Died Is Sentenced

<i> Associated Press</i>

A mother convicted of child abuse after her teenage daughter died--nude, filthy, covered with bedsores and weighing 680 pounds--walked out of a courtroom with a sentence of 240 hours of community service.

Marlene Corrigan was convicted in January of misdemeanor child abuse by Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Richard Arnason.

On Friday, the judge sentenced Corrigan to community service--far less than the 1,000 hours requested by the prosecution--as well as three years’ probation, counseling and a $100 fine.

The sentence came after Corrigan told the judge she “truly did the best I could for my daughter,” but acknowledged that she played too passive a role as her daughter’s condition spiraled out of control.


Christina, 13, died of heart failure in November 1996.