Community College to Hold Fund-Raiser

To raise money to improve its teleconference classroom, Mission College is hosting a golf tournament.

Officials hope the tournament, scheduled April 6, will generate $80,000 for the purchase of much-needed equipment for the highly touted but rarely used facility.

"Right now, we have this great resource but we can't use it because we don't have what we need," said James Russell, associate dean of student services.

He said the equipment now in the center is too low-tech. "We have this big amphitheater filled with regular television monitors and VCRs that was designed for the latest technology," Russell said.

The teleconference room is part of the college's $12-million Library and Resources Center completed last year. Officials had hoped that students across Los Angeles and eventually the country could link to the center electronically for classes and lectures.

Instead, the room has been largely unused and the resource center itself has been closed more often than it has been open. "We're not at the point where we'd like to be," Russell said.

The college hopes to raise enough money from the tournament to buy the video cameras, microphones and monitors needed for teleconferencing.

College officials hope to find sponsors to help put on the tournament. For information, call the college at (818) 364-7600.

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