Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What is the fastest prepared orange juice? Minute Maid. (Steven Roberts, 13, Murrieta, Shivela Middle School)

* What pet makes the loudest noise? A trumpet. (Alisa Kim, 7, Curson, Third Street Elementary)

* What do you do when you break your toe? You call a tow truck. (Stephen Koraffa, 7, Moon, Pa., Brooks Elementary)

* What do you call an egg that laughs too much? A crackup. (Tessa Abrahams, 7, Los Angeles, Palisades Charter Elementary)

* What fish did the miner catch? A goldfish. (Chase Neisner, 7 Agoura, Meadow Oaks School)

* How do you buy a thundercloud? With a rain check. (Bobby Pierre Holmes, 11, Los Angeles, Bethune Middle School)


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