Christina Drive Request Gets Bumped Down

Christina Drive residents aren't getting all the bumps in the road they wanted.

The City Council decided Tuesday that the neighborhood has enough speed barriers.

Residents were looking to add three new humps. They got one.

The three speed bumps already in place along Christina are ignored by drivers, said residents, who disagreed with a city study that concluded that there wasn't excessive speeding on the street.

"I see cars speeding on a regular basis every day," said Dave Padila.

Other residents said speeders are endangering the many children living on the street.

Councilman Harold Kaufman, who lives near the neighborhood, said he is concerned "that if we put in more speed humps on Christina, it would reduce response time [for firetrucks and paramedics], and that scares me."

The council did agree to put one speed bump along the street and revisit the issue in six months.

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