Woman, 72, Gets 3 Years Probation in Pot Case

A 72-year-old woman convicted of possessing a quarter-pound of marijuana for sale was sentenced Thursday to three years probation.

Naola Burnett of South-Central Los Angeles was arrested in August after she threw a bag of marijuana into her West 42nd Street home while being approached by police, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Steven Levine.

In February, a jury convicted Burnett, the mother of 10, grandmother of 46 and great-grandmother of 13.

"This house on this block has been a problem for the [police] for years," Levine said. He added that Burnett's son, daughter and granddaughter were all sent to prison this year for selling drugs from the house.

Levine asked the judge to consider in his sentencing that officers found a loaded shotgun in the living room when Burnett was arrested.

Burnett, who maintains that she was wrongly convicted, said police did not have a proper search warrant, have routinely harassed her and used another woman's marijuana to indict her.

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