Pierce College

* I am staring at a list of 36 former Pierce College students now practicing veterinary medicine. There are many more successful alumni whose names need to be added. And there are thousands of more who may never get the chance. The vultures are circling the farm. The large wasteful community college district has been misspending community funds for years. They have been confiscating valuable farmland and selling it to cover their misdeeds. Pierce College can and has lived well within its means. The farm can and has been able to pay all of its bills. But we can't when the district "robs" us of needed income, land and revenues generated by our students and laboratories. This must stop.

Write, call or petition your elected officials into making the Pierce College farm a state farm preserve. Once this happens, we can then solicit industry donations to set up the once-promised model teaching demonstration farm for the citizens of Los Angeles.


Director, Pre-Veterinary Sciences

Pierce College

Woodland Hills

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