Airport Expansion Advisors Win Contract Extension

A Los Angeles City Council panel recommended Tuesday extending consultant contracts totaling nearly $6.3 million to continue studying the expansion of Los Angeles International Airport.

But Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, who heads the council's commerce, energy and natural resources panel and opposes the airport expansion, succeeded in asking the contractors to also explore possible expansion at the Palmdale airport as well.

The full council is expected to vote on the contracts today.

The six consultants, whose contracts were approved by the panel for three more years, are aiding the Department of Airports in planning for projected demand for passenger and cargo traffic at the airport.

Galanter, who has lined up considerable opposition to the airport expansion, said the city should be looking much more seriously at using Palmdale airport rather than Los Angeles International Airport.

Mayor Richard Riordan is strongly pushing for the airport's expansion.

A few speakers representing cities around the airport echoed Galanter's view.

"You need to be leaders, not led by the nose by those who believe that the only answer is a larger LAX," said Bob Pinzler, the mayor pro tem of Redondo Beach. "It is not the answer."

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