Council to Consider Renaming Library

Ask retired City Manager Grant Brimhall about his accomplishments and he will rattle off a number of things: preserving open space, beefing up law enforcement and building the Civic Arts Plaza.

But Brimhall, who retired Feb. 14, beams when he discusses the Thousand Oaks Library--an airy structure on Janss Road that may soon be known as the Grant R. Brimhall Thousand Oaks Library.

The City Council on Tuesday will consider the name as well as other honors for the city's 20-year manager. They include awarding him the title "city manager emeritus" and dedicating an oak tree to him at the Civic Arts Plaza.

The tributes enjoy wide support among Brimhall's former bosses.

"The library really is the thing to dedicate to Grant," said City Councilwoman Judy Lazar. "Grant made the library happen. . . . It was the first big capital project he dealt with and probably the one closest to his heart."

Councilwoman Linda Parks agreed with the tribute, even though she didn't always agree with Brimhall's ideas. She noted that former Councilmen Frank Schillo and Alex Fiore have been similarly honored.

"We have Schillo Gardens and Fiore Fields," she said. "It's a fine way to recognize people who have made a significant contribution to the community. Just as a rose by any other name is still a rose, our library is a beautiful library no matter what you call it."

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