Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What's a vegetarian's favorite kind of meat? Animal crackers. (Lindsey Messer, 9, Fountain Valley, James H. Cox School)

* What did one cannibal say to the other, as they were eating a clown? "Does this taste funny to you?" (Cassandra Smith, 7, Oakland, Black Pine Circle)

* My little sister is so smart she can spell her name backward and forward. Her name is Anna. (Jordan Goldman, 8, Beverly Hills, Temple Isaiah Day School)

* Which dog has no tail? A hot dog. (Elyse Filigheri, 8, Canyon Country, Sulphur Springs School)

* How do books about the ocean greet each other? With a title wave. (Scotty Hauser, 9, Tarzana, L.A. Home Studies)

* What does a computer do for a snack? It eats its "chips," one "byte" at a time. (Marc Rose, 13, Monrovia, Clifton Middle School)


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