It's No Choke: Stanford's Lee Apologizes

Associated Press

Stanford guard Arthur Lee said Tuesday he was sorry for the mocking choke signs he made when Rhode Island guard Tyson Wheeler missed three free throws near the end of Stanford's 79-77 victory in Sunday's Midwest Regional final.

"If I was in my right mind, there's no way that would have happened," said Lee, who seemingly willed the Stanford rally by scoring 13 of his 26 points in the final 2:04.

"I'm sure everyone in the whole world could see I was intense and just gone. I was in another world. I was in a zone. I hope people realize that. I really didn't mean that he was a choker. The fact is, he's a great player. He did so much for Rhode Island throughout his career and he's going to be a great pro. It was just something that happened and it was definitely wrong."

Lee also has written a letter of apology to Wheeler and he said he sent it to him earlier Tuesday.

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