Long Beach Project

Re "Long Beach Cuts Back on Exotic Wood for Project," March 21:

Reduce, reuse and recycle. The Long Beach City Council refuses to follow these cost-effective, Earth-survival principles. The council is subsidizing the destruction of ancient rain forest trees at Long Beach's Queensway Bay project, surrounding the aquarium.

Two outdoor pedestrian decks--both equally aesthetic. There the similarities end. A child going into the aquarium could not care less walking on either. One deck is made out of Brazilian hardwood. It costs more and further consumes the remaining scant 2% of nature's majestic and ancient rain forest trees, but it is extremely profitable for the lumber industry.

The other deck recycles plastic from the waste stream, is much more durable and cost-effective, though less profitable to the lumber industry. And the recycled product completely eliminates the use of ancient rain forest wood.

A city council of integrity would choose the latter for our taxpayers' dollar and our children.


Los Angeles

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