Web Has Music Biz Singing New Tune

The impact the Web is having on the music industry is the focus of a daylong symposium being held at Cal State Chico on Friday. Attendees and speakers for "Music Industry 2000: A Symposium on the Future of Music Delivery" will include label executives, music Web site leaders, distributors, music software creators and agents.

Professor Paul Friedlander of Cal State Chico's music industry program says: "The Web is turning the music industry upside-down. The three Rs of the past 100 years--radio, record label and retail outlet--are giving way to a new business model that's still evolving."

For more information, call (530) 898-5243.


* Fooling Around: April Fools' Day just got a little easier. Been trying to think of a great prank, but nothing feels right? Check out http://www.shoebox.com/pranks/bestpranks.asp for some ideas. Most of the tricks are pretty tame, perfect for young foolers. More serious pranksters will want to head to the Free Site's April Fools' Day Freebies and Gags page (http://www.thefreesite.com/aprilfools.htm). It has links to "anti-greeting" cards, prank and joke sites and fake computer programs that, among other things, pretend to eat all your target's desktop folders or threaten to initialize the hard disk. If you're wondering about the origin of all this tomfoolery, point your browser to http://www.urbanlegends.com/misc/april fools_day_origin_of.html. Here you'll learn about France's King George IX and how April Fools' Day came to be more than 400 years ago.


* Reading Is Fundamental: Thursday is International Children's Book Day. Whether you have a kid who likes to read or you enjoy kids' books yourself, head over to the Children's Book Council (http://www.cbcbooks.org). The site has resources for parents, publishers, authors, illustrators and librarians. The parents' section has children's book reviews, biographies of writers and artists, a list of 75 authors and illustrators everyone should know, and even a section for adults who secretly enjoy browsing through the children's section. And Children's Literature: A Newsletter for Adults (http://www.parentsplace.com/readroom/childnew/index.html) has hundreds of reviews.


* Holy Scrollers: Holy Week begins Sunday, with Palm Sunday. The story of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem and the significance of the palm is at http://www.gaepis.org/test/hweek97/sunday.html. The site also has the stories of what happened on the other days of Holy Week, which ends with Easter on the following Sunday. Questions and answers about Palm Sunday can be found at http://www.firstcong.org/2ga.htm. The site was created by kids from an Illinois Bible class. Find out why Jesus was called the king (since he didn't have a crown), why it's called Palm Sunday and why worshipers wave palm branches.

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