Complaint by Giants Pays Off

Associated Press

The San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs will make up Thursday's rain date with a doubleheader today, instead of Aug. 20 as originally planned. The move came after the Giants complained about the latter date.

"When you have a postponement, you always like to make it up as soon as you can," Giant assistant general manager Ned Colletti said Friday. "We've got three days here. So why not?"

The Giants were unhappy with the Aug. 20 makeup because they have a game in Atlanta the night before, meaning they wouldn't even get to Chicago until about 10 hours before the start of the doubleheader.

It also would have forced San Francisco to play three games in less than 24 hours--with a two-hour flight and three bus rides in between.

The Cubs initially refused to change the date, with Cub president Andy MacPhail saying Chicago plays games for the fans, not for the convenience of opponents.

But Colletti went to Katy Feeney, senior vice president for the National League, and was told Friday morning the change had been made.

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