A committee assembled last spring to assess the city’s tree population is forming some tentative plans for an “urban forestation” program.

Tom Kneeshaw, group chairman, sent a letter to city officials outlining the panel’s ideas and requesting $2,547 to complete a master plan of trees with well-known arborist Michael T. Mahoney. The city previously had budgeted $8,250 for the effort.

Bringing the plan to life would cost about $320,000 and take about seven years, Kneeshaw said.

Arborists in recent years have identified trees that tolerate the urban environment better than others, the report said. Some of the 1,400 parkway trees planted decades ago would be better suited to parks and more open spaces. A removal and replacement program over the seven-year period would make the transition smoother, Kneeshaw added.


Mahoney had suggested evaluating the trees in each neighborhood and giving residents lists of approved trees to choose from.

The council is expected to consider the program within the next few months.