This chart tracks video sales--alternating weekly between...

This chart tracks video sales--alternating weekly between an overall view of the market and profiles of individual segments. Sales data include mass merchandisers and retailers but not most discount outlets.

Weekly DVD sales, in thousand of units:

Week ended Aug. 26: 164,000

Overall Top 10 Companies

Digital videodisc sales so far this year total 4.05 million units. DVD market share though Aug. 23 and the current top-selling disc for each company:

Company: Warner Home Video*

Market Share: 45.0%

Current bestseller: U.S. Marshalls


Company: MGM

Market Share: 10.3%

Current bestseller: Man in the Iron Mask


Company: New Line

Market Share: 7.7%

Current bestseller: Wag the Dog


Company: Columbia

Market Share: 15.4%

Current bestseller: Starship Troopers


Company: Universal Home Ent.

Market Share: 11.4%

Current bestseller: Army of Darkness


Company: Disney

Market Share: 10.8%

Current bestseller: Phantoms


Company: Artisan

Market Share: 4.4%

Current bestseller: Terminator 2


Company: Image

Market Share: 3.1%

Current bestseller: Terminator


Company: PolyGram

Market Share: 2.4%

Current bestseller: The Game


Company: Simitar

Market Share: 1.9%

Current bestseller: Highlander

*Includes MGM, HBO, Tuner, New Line and Warner Vision

Source: VideoScan

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