Women's Club Gives School 300 New Books

Students at Ventura's Lincoln Elementary School have 300 more books in their library thanks to a donation from the San Buenaventura Women's Club.

This week, second-graders accepted the second of two batches of books, on topics ranging from sharks to the solar system.

Teacher John Palmisano and his students unloaded the books from the car of Linda Giles, the club's literacy chairwoman. The new books, from a nonfiction science series called Eyewitness Books, barely made it out of the car before the students opened them.

"The kids were so genuinely enthusiastic and reacted just like little kids do," Lincoln Principal Valerie Chrisman said.

Librarian Mary Legeman said the Eyewitness Books series is among the most popular in the school's 2,500-book library.

"They just go like hot cakes," Legeman said.

Giles said the Women's Club chose to donate the books--about $700 worth--to Lincoln because the Santa Clara Street school is often overlooked.

"Lincoln students and staff are so appreciative," Giles said. "It has been fun to see their school library grow."

The first batch of donated books from the Women's Club contained mostly used fiction and poetry books.

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