Mayor Defends Limit on Political Speeches

Mayor Mike Markey, who last week instituted a policy limiting political speeches during the public comment portion of City Council meetings, made a campaign speech himself as a candidate at a 1995 council meeting.

According to the minutes of the March 28, 1995, meeting, Markey appeared at the council to promote himself and address campaign issues. Markey thanked his supporters, disavowed negative campaigning and told the public he would sign a "positive campaign pledge."

Last week, Markey defended his new policy, which bars candidates from making similar campaign speeches.

"Just because I went down in front of the City Council back then and made campaign comments doesn't mean I think that was right," the mayor said. "They allowed it, but it doesn't mean that they should have."

Residents and council candidates, however, have blasted the mayor's policy.

"He's playing on the fact that maybe we don't remember," said resident Toula Colovos. "He's hypocritical, that much is certain."

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