Hoops OKd for Park Where Game Was Once Banned

A second basketball court will be introduced at a city park where the game was once banned.

The City Council approved an August recommendation by the Human Services and Park Commission to add the second hoop and half-court play area at Fox Hills Park, said Don Rogers, acting director of human services.

The council voted in January to allow supervised basketball at the park for the first time since 1981, when city officials banned basketball there after nearby residents complained that players were noisy and caused late-night disturbances.

Hours of play are now limited and hoops are locked down during off hours, and officials say neighbors seem satisfied with the current program.

There was "no controversy at all" leading up to the council's vote, Rogers said, in contrast to some previous discussions about basketball at Fox Hills.

The council also approved the commission's recommendation to institute a permit system at the park.

The permit system--in place at all other city parks--requires those wishing to use Fox Hills for group picnics or other activities to reserve the space and pay a use fee.

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