This Time, School Carnival's a Success

Thwarted in its first attempt at a carnival by a downpour last spring, Pierce College bided its time until Labor Day to reach for the brass ring again.

This time, under sunny skies, the five-day event drew healthy crowds and raised about $16,000 for the cash-strapped school, said athletic director Robert Lyons, whose department sponsored the fair.

With attractions for all ages, from a merry-go-round to "rides that would whip your head off pretty good," the carnival drew more than 20,000 people, Lyons said.

Despite its muddy predecessor in March, when the carnival was canceled after ride equipment began to sink into the drenched earth, the September event turned out to be a boon for Pierce. The carnival was promoted and run by outside companies under an agreement that gave the college 15% of the gross profits, Lyons said. The college and the athletic department will share the proceeds.

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