Flynt Wins Approval to Build Card Casino

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has won the approval of the Gardena City Council to build a $23-million card casino.

Council members voted this week to approve construction of a two-story casino, then they gave Flynt their best wishes. Councilman Steven Bradford noted that a successful casino would bring more jobs and tax revenue into Gardena.

"Good luck to you," Councilman Jim Cragin told Flynt representatives. "I hope you make this so the whole city's proud of you."

Flynt's proposed 46,500-square-foot casino would be decked out in neon and offer 60 gambling tables.

Developers usually don't invest millions of dollars to start construction until all permits have been secured. But Flynt intends to begin building soon, and hopes to acquire city and state gambling permits and open no later than July.

Bulldozing is expected to begin within several weeks.

Alan Isaacman, Flynt's lawyer, said that if the adult magazine publisher doesn't get the licenses, Isaacman or a third party would obtain them and operate the casino.

Flynt has yet to reveal the club's name. Isaacman has said it may include the word "Hustler."

If successful, the club could mean millions of dollars annually to the city in gambling taxes and help Gardena erase a $4 million-plus deficit.

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