Demolition Forces Agency to Relocate

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El Centrito de La Colonia has been forced to relocate because of the demolition of Ramona Elementary School, the nonprofit agency’s longtime home.

“Our goal is to have a permanent home in La Colonia in the foreseeable future but we haven’t found the right space,” said Luann Rocha, executive director of the agency.

In the meantime, El Centrito is working out of two sites.

The early literacy program, family support services and administrative offices are being operated out of four classrooms at the old Oxnard High School.


The after-school computer programs and youth outreach and leadership activities operate at Oxnard’s La Colonia Recreation Center.

El Centrito has scheduled a Sept. 16 open house for anyone interested in learning more about the center. For more information, call El Centrito at 483-8685.