Stacey Murphy


“This next year is going to be a crucial time for the Burbank Airport terminal deal. Either it gets solved now, when Burbank has some control over the terms of this agreement, or we could risk having someone else come in and decide what’s going to happen.”

NAME: Stacey Murphy

AGE: 41

HOME: Burbank

PROFESSION: Burbank mayor; owner of a secretarial service computer support business.

LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Negotiated framework agreement for the new $300-million, 14-gate terminal at Burbank Airport, ending years of wrangling between city and airport officials.

GOALS FOR 2000: To win support for the new terminal from area homeowners, businesses, legislative leaders and the airlines, who have criticized the deal either for not doing enough to curb aircraft noise or for going too far to restrict interstate transportation. One critical hurdle is a planned advisory measure on the terminal that will be put to Burbank voters in 2000.