On the Campaign Trail: George W. Bush is boning up on geography. "He called Slovenia Slovakia, Kosovars Kosovenians and Albanians AlGorians." (Michael Feldman)

On the Campaign Trail II: The New Yorker says President Clinton may run for the Senate from Arkansas. "It's a terrific idea. His election would fill what comedians call the Packwood Vacuum in the Senate." (Argus Hamilton)

That Is a Lot of Money: President Clinton announced that the budget surplus will be much bigger than previously thought. "We could pay off the national debt by 2015 and Elton John's debt by 2020." (Daily Scoop)


Essential Topic of the Day

CBS and NBC are both working on movies about the life of Jesus Christ.

* "I can already see the NBC version. It'll be called 'Suddenly Savior.' " (Rudolph J. Cecera)

* "Or 'Just Crucify Me.' " (Cecera)

* "Why isn't Fox in on this? Theirs could be called 'When Roman Soldiers Attack.' " (Steve Voldseth)

* "ABC should one-up them all and do a movie about God called "The Michael Eisner Story.' " (Zack Taylor)

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