Feedback: What happens when a critic judges Christmas movies by name alone

“Dashing Home for Christmas”
Robert Lloyd story imagines the plot of 26 holiday movies based on the title alone, including “Dashing Home for Christmas.”
(Per Breiehagen / Getty Images)
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An imagined Christmas

My daughters and I couldn’t stop laughing at Robert Lloyd’s article imagining the plots of upcoming Christmas TV films from their titles alone [“A Jingle, a Jangle, a Santa Fandango,” Nov. 27].

Our problem is now we want to watch his proposed movies and not the more predictable offerings the networks will be broadcasting.


Tracy Neis


I just loved Robert Lloyd’s tongue-in-cheek comments on Santa’s watch list. It made my holiday and I’ll be laughing all the way through the New Year.

Paul T. Sakamoto


I’ve never watched a Hallmark Christmas movie, but TV critic Robert Lloyd’s invented plots based on titles of upcoming shows granted this little girl’s holiday wish of being able to go, “Ho, ho, ho” instead of “No, no, no.”

Judith Herman
Rancho Palos Verdes


Kudos to Robert Lloyd for his hilarious piece creating plot summaries for the latest batch of holiday movies based solely on their announced titles.

I have no doubt that many if not most of these films would be far more enjoyable if they incorporated Lloyd’s invented plots rather than their actual ones. And the accompanying photo is a hoot — it has received a place of honor in the “Pandemic Collage” that we have been adding to since March.

Thanks for making us smile.

George Legg
Rolling Hills Estates

Return of the big-screen movie

Thanks for Michael Ordoña’s thoughtful article about risks in movie theaters [“Snacks, a Mask, a Movie Inside. Risky?” Nov. 30].


Some movies don’t work unless seen in theater and I’m looking forward to seeing the new “Dune.”

Bob Wieting
Simi Valley

From comedy to drama

Regarding “Successful Undoing” by Meredith Blake [Nov. 27]: If cinema history has taught us anything it is that actors known for comedic work often make very good dramatic actors. Hugh Grant has been outstanding in “The Undoing.”

That said, I would point out romantic comedy was very good to a Grant named Cary.

Michael Solomon
Canoga Park


As an actor Hugh Grant is first rate. As a political analyst he’s a nothing-burger (see last paragraph of the article).

David Pohlod
Oak Park

Bipartisan insensitivity

In a letter to the editor [“Calendar Feedback: It’s a Cultural Epithet,” Nov. 29] a reader takes “Hollywood elites” to task for the slur in the title of the movie “Hillbilly Elegy.”


This seems like selective outrage.

J.D. Vance, who wrote the book the movie is based on, “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis,” is a social conservative Republican.

Daniel McVey
Los Angeles

A Thanksgiving downer

Regarding “Pilgrim Lessons Are Lost on Us,” [Nov. 24]: Congratulations to Mary McNamara and her extensive research into how utterly deplorable the founders of our country were. With human migration since time began, she managed to point out how the Pilgrims were singular.

In case the pandemic, the political drama, floods and the financial devastations weren’t enough, she managed to take the light out of our annual moment of gratitude. All in the present day spirit of explaining to us why we should hate our great country.

I can’t wait to see what she is going to do to Christmas.

Peggy Ebright
San Marino