What's Hot

* Last week's Top 5 rentals: "Enemy of the State," "Patch Adams," "Saving Private Ryan," "The Faculty" and "Stepmom."

* Last week's Top 5 sellers: "Rush Hour," "Austin Powers International Man of Mystery," "A Bug's Life," "Tae-Bo Workout" and "Blade."

What's New

In stores this week:

* "Affliction" (Universal), drama starring Nick Nolte and Oscar-winning James Coburn. (R)

* "Hilary and Jackie" (Polygram), drama about Jacqueline and Hilary du Pre, the famed musician sisters, starring Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths. (R)

* "The King and I" (Warner, $23), animated version of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical. (G)

* "Wing Commander" (Fox), action adventure starring Freddie Prinze Jr. (PG-13).

* "Kidnapped in Paradise" (Universal), thriller starring Joely Fisher. (PG-13).

* "Dr. Who: Keys of Marinus" (BBC, $30), six-part sci-fi adventure.

* "A Murder of Crows" (Sterling), thriller with Cuba Gooding Jr. (R)

* "Curtain Call" (Blockbuster), comedy starring Michael Caine and Maggie Smith.

* "Kill the Man" (Blockbuster), comedy starring Luke Wilson.

* "Desert Winds" (Vanguard), drama starring Heather Graham.

* "Land of the Anaconda" (National Geographic, $20), documentary on the world's largest snake.

What's Coming

* July 13: "Central Station," "A Civil Action" and "She's All That"

* July 20: "The General," "8MM," "Down in the Delta," "The 24-Hour Woman" and "Virus"

* July 27: "Payback," "Blast From the Past," "October Sky" and "Baby Geniuses"

* Aug. 3: "Message in a Bottle." "Cruel Intentions," "20 Dates" and "Tango"

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VidTrac, sales charts by VideoScan Inc.

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