On the Campaign Trail: Hillary Clinton is mulling a run for the Senate. "I think Hillary Clinton will make an excellent senator. I mean, come on, look at her record, for heaven's sake." (David Letterman)

Bed Check: It looks like Stephen King is recovering nicely from his accident. "Although publication of his next novel may be delayed by as much as 40 minutes." (Dennis Miller)

Retail Madness: A new combination lollipop-radio will arrive in stores in the fall. When the sucker is bitten, a tiny FM receiver transmits sound to the listener's inner ears directly through teeth. "Now everyone can enjoy the excitement of hearing voices in their heads without the messy inconvenience of being psychotic." (Ira Lawson)

A Mickey Mouse Education: Disney wants to build a high school in its Florida town, Celebration. "Would you want to take history classes from the people who made 'Pocahontas'?" (Daily Scoop)

On the Big Screen: According to the Hollywood rumor mill, there could be another "Rocky" sequel. "You can tell Rocky is getting older. In this one, he's wearing trunks up around his armpits." (Steve Voldseth)

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