Law Would Force Disclosure of Donations by Contractors

More light would be shed on how politics affects the awarding of city contracts in Los Angeles under an ordinance endorsed Thursday by the city Ethics Commission.

The panel asked its attorney to draft a new law that would require businesses vying for city contracts to disclose campaign contributions to the mayor and City Council when submitting bids for city work.

“The purpose is to ensure that the public has information on contributions that bidders may give to people making decisions on contracts,” said LeeAnn Pelham, deputy director of the commission.

Under the new rule, which still must be approved by the City Council, any firm bidding on a city contract that is decided by the council must file a special form with the Ethics Commission disclosing any contribution of $100 or more to any elected official within the previous six months.


Contributions by company presidents, CEOs, majority owners and employees who advocate the bid must also be disclosed,

“Then the public can make decisions on whether contributions affect the bidding process,” Pelham said.